Momoiro Kurotombo Kimoto Junmai

Momoiro Kurotombo Kimoto Junmai

Momoiro Kurotombo Kimoto Junmai

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The Kurotombo (“Black Dragonfly”) series is characterised by three features: the use of rice grown by the brewery itself, the kimoto method (that involves the use of ambient lactic acid bacilli for the fermentation starter and human labour to mix rice and koji with a paddle), and a two-year ageing process. All these features create a uniquely robust umami taste that has become rare in modern day sake-making. The name Momoiro (“peach colour”) comes from the colour of the beard of the Shinriki variety of rice, originally from Kumamoto prefecture but in this case grown in Kanagawa. Pairs well with fish broth based food.

TYPE: Kimoto junmai sake

COLOUR: Clear pale lemon green

OUR TASTING NOTES: Cream cheese on the nose with fresh mushrooms and a hint of milky sweetness. Salted caramel bon bons at first sip, followed by delicate but consistent umami notes of chicken broth and kelp seaweed.

FOOD PAIRING: Onigiri (e.g. ume shiso); brunch meal; choux pastries. The brewers recommend pairing it with fish broth based food.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Serve at room temperature or warmed up (45-55 ºC)

STORAGE: Store in a dry and cool place. Avoid direct sunlight.


Japanese name: 桃色 黒とんぼ 生酛純米酒
Brewery: Izumibashi Sake Brewery / Izumibashi Shuzo (Kanagawa prefecture)
Size: 720 ml
ABV: 16%
Rice polishing rate: 60%
Ingredients: water, Shinriki rice (Kanagawa), koji, yeast

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