Tosa Brewing Company

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    Also known as: Tosa Shuzo.

    Japanese name: 土佐酒造

    Brand name: Keigetsu

    Katsurahama Beach in Kochi Prefecture, where the brewery is located, has been famous for its moon since ancient times.
    The brand name "Keigetsu" comes from the way the moon shines on Katsurahama Beach, a stretch of white sand in the shape of a bow.

    From: Kochi prefecture

    Founded in: 1877

    The brewery is set in the mountains of the northern area of Kochi prefecture, where their high-quality sake benefits from the pure air and the abundant water. Their core concept is to brew “Sake du Terroir from Tosa”, and so they only use terrace-farmed rice from local producers and traditional techniques passed down through generations. The result is a hand-crafted sake brewed in small batches that gets the most out of the rich natural landscape in which it is created.

    4 products