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Hakucho no Jun Junmai Ginjo Nigori

Hakucho no Jun Junmai Ginjo Nigori

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One of Miyoshikiku’s three special releases for MIRAI SAKE INTERNATIONAL.

A nigori (“cloudy sake”) made with Yamadanishiki rice. Upfront refreshing notes, followed by a rich umami flavour. Surprisingly crisp compared to usual nigori, this sake is at the same time easy-drinking and satisfyingly full-bodied. The character on the label is Jun the Swan, from the 1970s anime “Science Ninja Team Gatchaman”.

TYPE: Nigori junmai ginjo undiluted sake (genshu)

COLOUR: Slightly hazy with very light lees

OUR TASTING NOTES: Delicately sweet nose with distinctive rice porridge notes and a hint of melon. More savoury on the palate, with subtle notes of caramel and white chocolate, followed by a bitter finish.

FOOD PAIRING: Grilled eel (unagi no kabayaki); liver pate; stilton cheese. The brewers recommend trying to pair with both Western and Japanese dishes.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Slowly turn the bottle upside down a few times until the sediments are mixed evenly. Serve well chilled (4-8 ºC)

STORAGE: Store in a dry and cool place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Japanese name:「白鳥のジュン」純米吟醸にごり
Brewery: Miyoshikiku Brewery / Miyoshikiku Shuzo (Tokushima prefecture)
Size: 500 ml
ABV: 16%
Rice polishing rate: 60%
Ingredients: water, Awaichiba Yamadanishiki rice, koji, yeast


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