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Unlike awamori, which is made from rice, IMUGE was crafted from sweet potato and brown sugar, which were more accessible to the general populace during the Ryukyu Kingdom era. These ingredients were readily available and used by villagers to distill their own alcohol for celebrations and ceremonial occasions, making IMUGE a beloved drink among the masses.

However, in the late Meiji period, the government enacted a law prohibiting the local production of homemade spirits, leading to the disappearance of many such local brews, including IMUGE. For over a century, IMUGE became a lost relic of the past, known to very few even in Okinawa.

Now, after more than a hundred years, IMUGE has been resurrected by enthusiasts as a tribute to the spirit of the Ryukyuan commoners. This modern rendition of IMUGE is crafted using sweet potatoes from Kume Island and local Okinawan brown sugar, bringing a subtle sweetness and a clear, crisp finish to the drink.

Enjoy IMUGE in various ways—neat, with water, hot water, or mixed with soda—to experience a refreshing taste that connects you to a bygone era of the Ryukyu Islands. 

TYPE: Imuge Shochu

OUR TASTING NOTES: Roasted sweet potato, note of apple, mild brown sugar.



Straight: Experience the full flavour at room temperature, around 20°C, ideal for tasting its true character.

On the Rocks: Serve IMUGE over ice to enjoy a gradual change in flavour as the ice melts, creating a mellow drinking experience.

With Water: Mixing IMUGE with water enhances its subtlety:

  • 6 parts IMUGE to 4 parts water for a stronger taste.
  • 5 parts IMUGE to 5 parts water for a balanced, easy drink.
  • 4 parts IMUGE to 6 parts water for a light, crisp taste.

Hot Water Mix: Add hot water to IMUGE to release its sweet potato and brown sugar aromas, enhancing the warmth and flavour. A small glass and water at about 40-45°C are recommended to maintain the perfect warmth.

STORAGE: Store in a dry and cool place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Japanese name: 久米島の久米仙IMUGE 25度
Brewery: Kumeshima no Kumesen (Okinawa prefecture)
Size: 720 ml
ABV: 25%
Ingredients: sweet potato, rice, brown sugar, water, koji, yeast


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