Izumibashi Sake Brewery

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    Also known as: Izumibashi Shuzo

    Japanese name: 泉橋酒造

    From: Kanagawa prefecture

    Founded in: 1857

    In 2016, Izumibashi earned the title of “cultivation brewery”, which proves that everything in their sake-making process, from rice farming to brewing, is carried out by the brewers themselves. Striving for preserving traditions and the natural environment at the same time, Izumibashi brewers grow organic rice, produce only junmai sake (from 2006) half of which is made with the kimoto (or kimotozukuri) technique, adopt the fune-shibori technique for pressing the freshly made sake, and make their koji rice with the “tray” method (futa koji ho). They source their water from an underground stream running from Mount Tanzawa, which is rich in minerals. 

    1 product