Collection: Seko Syuzo

Also known as: Seko Shuzo

Japanese name: 瀬古酒造

Brand name: Ninja

The Seko Shuzo, with its "Ninja" brand, is located in Koka City, Shiga Prefecture.
Koka City is the birthplace of the ninja, also famous for the Koga Ninja.
It has also won awards at Kura Master.

From: Shiga prefecture

Founded in: 1869

At Seko Syuzo, utmost importance is given to the use of locally farmed rice from the Koka region, located south of the Biwa lake, which has long been regarded as a well-known production area of excellent quality rice. The region is also famous for being the birthplace of NINJA, who give name also to Seko’s own brand. The brewery commits to produce only sake of the junmai grades, without any addition of distilled alcohol in the brewing process, and to follow traditional sake-making methods. Seko sources its water from an underground stream originating in the Suzuka mountains.