Collection: Fujii Shuzou

Also known as: Fujii Shuzo

Japanese name: 藤井酒造

Brand name: Ryusei

"Ryusei" used to be a sake for which only "the best junmai sake of the year" was allowed to claim the name.
Fujii Shuzo submitted a sake to the 'First National Sake Competition' held in 1904, and won first place for the best sake and was honored as the best in Japan, which is why the brand name 'Ryusei' is still used today."

From: Hiroshima prefecture

Founded in: 1863

Fujii’s mission is to create sake that can pair perfectly with any possible meal, changing and adapting to food according to seasons and maturation periods. Their way to achieve this is to use the “complete fermentation” (kanzen hakko) technique, in which the brewers allow as much starch as possible to convert into sugar, so that the features of the resulting sake will not be too overpowering over food flavours. Their brand Ryusei is a only-junmai line up of sake that has been restored after almost 30 years, when it was interrupted after the end of World War II for a temporary embargo on junmai production.