Collection: Hachinohe Sake Brewery

Also known as: Hachinohe Shuzo

Japanese name: 八戸酒造

Brand name: Mutsu Hassen

"Mutsu" is the old name for Aomori Prefecture, where the Hachinohe Shuzo is located.
Hachisen is derived from a Chinese legend, in which the eight drunken hermits (stories of eight drinking hermits) tell various anecdotes and interesting ways of enjoying sake.
It is our hope that people will enjoy sake in this sake hermit's environment.
It has won numerous awards, including the Kura Master.

From: Aomori prefecture

Founded in: 1775

Hachinohe has recently become one of the most experimental breweries around. They regularly use white koji, normally used for shochu, and have introduced a modern fermentation technique that has cut down the standard shubo  (fermentation starter) production time from 14 to only 2 days. The rice and water they use all come from Aomori prefecture, as well as most of their yeast. Their brand Mutsu Hassen promises to take you to the same enlightened state of mind of the eight Chinese hermits (Hassen), famous for debating about wise matters while exchanging glasses!