Obata Sake Brewery

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    Also known as: Obata Shuzo

    Japanese name: 尾畑酒造

    From: Niigata prefecture

    Founded in: 1892

    The brewery is based on the beautiful Sado island, also called “miniature Japan” for the variety of its landscape and the rich history. Obata brewers use uniquely local rice, from Gohyakumangoku and organic Yamadanishiki farmed on the island, to Koshitanrei coming (exclusively) from Niigata prefecture. Their water is soft in nature, melted snow sourced from two neighbouring mountain ranges. The logo with the “four diamonds” crest embodies the four things that are valued the most at Obata: rice, water, people, and Sado island itself, whose natural landscape, the brewers insist, should be protected and preserved at all costs.  

    2 products