Nagai Sake

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    Also known as: Nagai Shuzo

    Japanese name: 永井酒造

    Brand name: Mizubasho

    "Mizubasho" is the name of a flower that blooms in summer in Japan.
    It is a rare flower that can only bloom at high altitudes and in areas with clean water.
    Mizubasho" is brewed using water from the local Kawaba village, where such skunk cabbages are in full bloom.

    From: Gunma prefecture

    Founded in: 1886

    Based in the small village of Kawaba in northern Gunma prefecture, this brewery is surrounded by a stunning natural landscape, which offers excellent grounds for part of the main ingredients of Nagai sake, including the Yukihotaka and Gohyakumangoku varieties of rice that come from local fields. Nature also provides for inspiration for the brewers: the brand Mizubasho is named after the same flowers that grow in the Oze Valley nearby. Water is also sourced from the Oze mountains, which provide natural artesian spring water. 

    3 products