Collection: Asahi Shuzo

Japanese name: 旭日酒造

Brand name: Jujiasahi

"Asahi" was named after the sake, which was praised as "the most beautiful sake under heaven" when it was presented to the court.
The ten means a cross and is derived from the shape of the North Star, the emblem of the religion that the former head of the family believed in.
From these two origins, the name "Ten Asahi" was derived.

From: Shimane prefecture

Founded in: 1869

In sake-making, human beings are only assisting the natural work of raw ingredients and microorganisms—this is what Asahi Shuzo believes. For this reason, its brewers do not make use of any commercial lactic acid and produce their sake following the kimoto (or kimotozukuri) technique. The rice used, all organic and sourced from the mountains in the Izumo and Okuizumo areas, is milled at the brewery, while the Northern mountains provide pure spring water, which is soft in nature but does contain a certain minerality.