Collection: Mifuku Brewery

Also known as: Mifuku Shuzo / Mifukushuzo

Japanese name: 美富久酒造

From: Shiga prefecture

Founded in: 1917

Mifuku Brewery produces a hand-crafted local sake by using both more natural, traditional methods, such as the yamahai technique, and more modern technologies, like those developed in recent years to produce ginjo sake. Their Sanrensei brand offers nine different sake and was born to celebrate their first century of activity, and the three previous generations of brewers. It is centred around the concept of “3”: the nine bottles are divided into the three grades of premium sake (junmai, junmai ginjo, junmai daiginjo); each of the three categories is made with one of the three famous rice varieties from Shiga prefecture; within each category there is one standard product, one limited edition, and one seasonal release.