Collection: Plum & Yuzu & Flavoured Sake

Fruit sake is made by steeping the actual fruits in sake or other spirits, or by adding fruit juice to them. In Japan, these products cannot be legally considered, or called, “sake”, but are very popular nonetheless. They are best enjoyed straight, with ice, or in cocktails. We mainly offer two types of these drinks:

UMESHU / PLUM SAKE (Japanese: 梅酒)

It is commonly known as plum wine, even if the fruit used is a type of apricot (Prunus mume). Sugar can be added, but it is naturally sweet. 

YUZUSHU / YUZU SAKE (Japanese: ゆず酒 or 柚子酒)

Yuzu (Citrus junos) is a citrus fruit that is becoming more and more popular as a flavouring thanks to its unique, delicate but highly fragrant aroma.